Partner Organisations

Croatian Educational and Development Network for the Evolution of Communication (HERMES)

is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with activities throughout entire Croatia, and in the wider regional area of former Yugoslavia. The mission of HERMES is education for democratic citizenship, through developing and applying innovative (non-formal) educational programs based on promoting nonviolent communication methods such as structured and critical thinking, active listening and radical empathy as conflict resolution and prevention tools. HERMES’ activities revolve around using applied debating skills for the purpose of fighting discrimination, contributing to active participatory citizenship, raising awareness about human rights and facilitating the building of an open and inclusive democratic society.

The Kreisau-Initiative e. V.

was founded in the summer of 1989 by citizens of East and West Berlin in order to support the set-up and maintenance of an international youth meeting center in Krzyżowa, Poland. For more than 30 years, the Kreisau-Initiative is organizing workshops, trainings and meetings with participants coming from all over the world, belonging to different generations, and having different educational and social backgrounds. Moral courage, social and political engagement, and commitment to democracy and human rights are the main focus of the Kreisau-Initiative work. Thematically, the projects fall into the fields of contemporary history and human rights, inclusive education, sustainability, and intergenerational dialogue.

Open Communication (OK)

is an academic debating network devoted to improving the culture of dialogue. It was founded in 1997 by students and professors at the University of Belgrade and modeled after debate clubs at prestigious European university centers. So far, more than 1500 students and high school pupils have completed its educational programs in debate, communication skills, critical thinking, argumentation, case-building, and public speaking. The founders’ mission was to promote critical thinking, a culture of peaceful dialogue and tolerance in a conservative society like Serbian was then. At the same time, now-days goals moved further to integrating Serbia into European and the world’s debate land and implementing a variety of projects with educational and debate-oriented goals in Serbia and the Western Balkans region.

Mreža Zapadnog Balkana – Western Balkans Network (WEB)

is a non-governmental organization, founded as a result of the successful regional educational program Model International Criminal Court Western Balkans – MICC WeB. It brings together individuals, interest groups, professional associations and organizations that seek to nurture regional cooperation and reconciliation, by organizing joint workshops, meetings, roundtables, seminars and exchanges. Our vision is that of a peaceful region, in which the recent history, nationalist conflicts, divisive rhetoric and extremist views are mediated through dialogue and debate, building long lasting bridges, friendships and networks in the process.


is a young non-profit organization based in Sweden that was founded with the aim to raise awareness, share knowledge, and build capacity to prevent and counter radicalisation and violent extremism. Transform is involved in international cooperations and EU projects contributing with providing expertise and developing and delivering trainings in radicalisation prevention and intervention for a wide variety of professionals.

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