DARE to Care
videos & lessons

"DARE to care" educational videos

feature inspiring young individuals who are civically active in various fields, addressing different societal problems and challenges in their respective communities.
In these short feature interviews, they tell us about their lives, interests, and what inspired them to care about their topic of activism and volunteering. These authentic youth voices and stories inspire volunteering, community service and other forms of (youth) civic engagement.

"DARE to Care" - Shelter Volunteer & Animal Welfare Advocate

This short interview video features the work of a young dog shelter volunteer and animal welfare advocate from Osijek, Croatia. In the video, we visit the shelter managed by the animal welfare association ‘Pobjede’ (‘Victories’), and hear Dunja talk about why she began volunteering and helping abandoned dogs in her city.

Country: Croatia

"DARE to Care" - Anti-Cyberbullying Activist

This short interview video features Charlotte from Berlin, Germany who volunteers with an organisation that raises awareness about the dangers of cyberbullying and provides support to young people affected by it.

Country: Germany

"DARE to Care" - LGBTQ+ Rights Activist

This short interview video features a young LGBTQ+ rights activist from Belgrade, Serbia who works in an organisation that offers legal and psychological support for LGBTQ+ people.

Country: Serbia

"DARE to Care" - Young Entrepreneur and Self-Employment Advocate

This short interview video features a young woman from Mostar, Bosnia- Herzegovina who, together with a couple of friends, decided to challenge unemployment and unfavourable position of youth in the job market – by starting her own business.

Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina

"DARE to Care" - International Youth Exchanges

This short interview video features Kerim from Berlin, Germany who tells us about his youth experiences in international exchanges, which inspired him to first volunteer, and then work as organiser of such youth encounters on an international level.

Country: Germany

"DARE to Care" - Appreciation of Diversity and Dialogue
in Multireligious Communities

This short interview video features Liam from Stockholm, Sweden, who organises workshops and camps for young people of different religions to discuss identity, faith, and religion and to get to know each other and each others’ beliefs better.

Country: Sweden

"DARE to Care" - Historical Human Rights Education Trainers

This short interview video features young trainers active in the field of historical human rights education, from Rijeka and Zadar in Croatia, Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Belgrade, Serbia. We listen to Jan, Janet, Amina and Jana talk about their experiences as peer guide trainers in the exhibition “Anne Frank – History for Today”.

Country: Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia

"DARE to Care" - Debate Education Trainer

This short interview video features Katarina from Belgrade, Serbia. In the video, we learn about her volunteering as a debate instructor and coach and her passion for argumentation, public speaking, and teaching critical thinking.

Country: Serbia

"DARE to Care" - Peacebuilding & Active Citizenship

This short interview video features Ivan from Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina who initiated ‘chocolate riots’ in his town in order to challenge the public perception and media narratives depicting his town as problematic. This initiative had a very positive response from citizens and even traveled beyond the borders of his city and country, spreading positive vibes.

Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina

"DARE to Care" - Social Cohesion in Multicultural Communities

This short interview video features Ilham from Sweden. She works as a nurse, and in her free time, she volunteers for an organisation that helps Somali children and adults integrate into Swedish society.

Country: Sweden